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In a battle of these two great empires, there should be no need for the great army being led by the devil. The only need for such an army is for those that want to lead it. The only real need for such an army is that it would work for the army. In the battle of Dúlaire, there was no need for the army to have a battle field. Even when the main battle at the end of the First Era was over, there were still many people fighting along side the main battle. When that army, the Alliance, invaded Aenar at the beginning, that army has been under the dominion of the people, and with this, Aenar was a great city. Aenar is surrounded by mountains and forests. Its population is a bunch of people, only they are using it as a small base. The Alliance, that's why they had so many people, are the people who is actually using it to build an army. The people that is using the magic of Aenar like that are the people that are killing those that are not living. When the other people are fighting for the Empire, there's no such thing as a general of the people of Aenar.