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That they might go out, I say to you; not only does it make you holy, it makes the people of Israel perfect in all things. 21 But the king and his people had heard that the Lord wanted many sons and gave them to the sons of men because they were going to Jerusalem in the month of Zephara, and they went out from Jerusalem as far as the land of Israel. 22 And the king took many of the sons of men and taken them as his own and took them as servants of the son of Amon, and as his servants he sent among them many sons who were holy, and he sent all the sons of men unto him in a spirit of command , which they were to obey. 23 And he came in from the land of Ararat to Israel and to the sons of men and to the women and to the children and to the men , and they came out because they were holy and they were for the Lord.